holy CRAP!!!

15 04 2012

My spring break is coming to an end and i’m sitting here going oh that was fun! then my friend goes… hey did you finish that math homework?… FML!!!!!!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

18 03 2012



I am currently in Dõver!!!! For my brother’s west point “luncheon” wooo! To be honest i am dramatically bored to death and I look like a snobby prep typing away on her phone haha man help me goshshdhxds so yes my brother was accepted to west point naval academy and the kings point and he seems to have chosen west point my mom and dads happy! So is he… I guess but yes me forever alone sitting in a poor Bouncy chair. Well I just finished the luncheon and my feet are dead! The shoes are not killing me they already killed me. They weren’t heals but sandles that does not match my feet!  Booooooo alright well that’s it for now talk to you lataaaaaa <3!~~

J.D. out!~~~

Thursday March 15, 2012:

15 03 2012

Today was the day of the scrimmage… How’d I do? Well we lost 8-8 tiebreaker 7-4 them. I was and still am pissed. How could I not be? The match was going fine, but all the sudden she goes 15-30 you? And I shake my head yes. Then she serves and the points go on then were at ad. Out us. When their coach comes over and goes, “that can’t be ad out  because we’re on the wrong side” then we have to go back to Duce and start again but when she called out 15-30, apparently she said 30-30 whichthrough us all off. And we would have won the whole game 8-5! CrazyBMW h? I believe so. Then the second doubles come out andthes they lost, but the other team said aloud, “yea! They were fucking annoying” I mean WTF? I was so ready to go and bitch slap the whole team! Can not wait for next year,I’ll shove the balls right up their asses. GOSH! Woo now I feel better haha:D yes I get mentally violent

:/ oh! I’m back on good terms with my dad again! Niether side apologized a d we just brushed it off. Ha woo!! Well it’s my brother’s birthday so I’m on my way to eat dinner over a family friend’s house so pë@č3、o(^▽^)o

❤ J.D.


To Yoochun.

15 03 2012

Alright alright i admit it I’m a MAJOR K POP fan!! So i was browsing through the web and i see, “Yoochun’s Father passed away this morning.” so i was like whoa, that’s not true silly internet! Then i researched into it more and more and came to find that the rumor was actually true. Yoochun, I am so sorry for your loss, may your father rest in peace. He raised you well… I know I’m not the one to be saying anything, and you’re probably thinking, who are you to tell me anything? I realize that, but i still have a clue of what you’re going through. It’s not the end of the world, you’ll live on, and while you do, your father will be watching over you. Let your smile live on, and be strong, and don’t forget that you’ll never be alone in the world.

Rest in peace,

❤ J.D.

Wednesday, March14, 2012 : Getting the Blogg rolling S:P

15 03 2012

Today, I was lost for words. Currently I’m on the Girls tennis team at my high school, and lets just say I’m the best freshie.. out of all two of us! Anyway, I’m having troubles with this girl… lets call her hmm… B! (for b!tch… hehe) but yes troubles troubles, I for one find this odd. Usually I’m totally fine with everyone, yes I’m headstrong, i speak before i think, i procrastinate, and i don’t listen to others, BUT i don’t really have any troubles. This girl HOLY F_ _ _!!! She calls all my lines out, and when i call her out she goes “Are you sure?” in this nasally tone! Yes I ended up losing but B best watch out because next year I’m coming after her. (she’s a Junior- will be a senior, while I’ll be a sophomore) That wasn’t even the end of the bad day, about half way during the practice my dad drives in his black SUV and parks behind us. Really, i didn’t mind that at all, but then he drives up right to the side of the courts and because his eyes hurt he has my mom’s shades on, and just stares at us… my friends are like who’s he? In my eyes he was creepy, what would the team think? Right? So i frantically waved my hand to make him go away, and he does, but after the practice ends i go to the car and he’s in there with an angry expression, and starts lecturing me, and yelling. I tried to explain, i did. But no words go through his THICK head! I don’t like My family watching me because all they’ll do is criticize! I’m sitting in the car telling him i don’t like you guys ALWAYS criticizing me. He said that i should appreciate his judgement, and i was about to walk out the car and walk home. Then he says that he doesn’t criticize, when he just !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to say that I just lost a match to an undeserving, scheming, cheating, lying, piece of SHIT. He yells and yells. I haven’t thought of that many ways to kill myself in all my life then i did in that 5 minutes. Bad day much yes. Grande, Mucho Mala dia!

Thx for letting me vent 😛 ❤