Sunday, March 18, 2012

18 03 2012



I am currently in Dõver!!!! For my brother’s west point “luncheon” wooo! To be honest i am dramatically bored to death and I look like a snobby prep typing away on her phone haha man help me goshshdhxds so yes my brother was accepted to west point naval academy and the kings point and he seems to have chosen west point my mom and dads happy! So is he… I guess but yes me forever alone sitting in a poor Bouncy chair. Well I just finished the luncheon and my feet are dead! The shoes are not killing me they already killed me. They weren’t heals but sandles that does not match my feet!  Booooooo alright well that’s it for now talk to you lataaaaaa <3!~~

J.D. out!~~~




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