Thursday March 15, 2012:

15 03 2012

Today was the day of the scrimmage… How’d I do? Well we lost 8-8 tiebreaker 7-4 them. I was and still am pissed. How could I not be? The match was going fine, but all the sudden she goes 15-30 you? And I shake my head yes. Then she serves and the points go on then were at ad. Out us. When their coach comes over and goes, “that can’t be ad out  because we’re on the wrong side” then we have to go back to Duce and start again but when she called out 15-30, apparently she said 30-30 whichthrough us all off. And we would have won the whole game 8-5! CrazyBMW h? I believe so. Then the second doubles come out andthes they lost, but the other team said aloud, “yea! They were fucking annoying” I mean WTF? I was so ready to go and bitch slap the whole team! Can not wait for next year,I’ll shove the balls right up their asses. GOSH! Woo now I feel better haha:D yes I get mentally violent

:/ oh! I’m back on good terms with my dad again! Niether side apologized a d we just brushed it off. Ha woo!! Well it’s my brother’s birthday so I’m on my way to eat dinner over a family friend’s house so pë@č3、o(^▽^)o

❤ J.D.





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